Dangerously Designed Machines

People working in an industrial or factory setting are often handling or exposed to machinery. Far too often, workers suffer severe injuries such as amputations, loss of an eye, burns, or crush injuries because the machines were not properly safeguarded.

Thankfully, many factory injuries have been prevented or reduced over the years because safeguards have been put in place that prevent the working part of the machine from moving when any portion of a worker’s body, such as a hand, enters the machine’s danger zone. For example, a large press that is used to stamp parts for the auto industry should be guarded so that the employee’s hands cannot enter the danger zone or the “point of operation.” Other devices such as “light curtains” can be used to detect if a worker’s hands or other body part is in the machine’s danger zone and will prevent the machine from moving or cycling until the worker is outside of the danger zone.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers still fail to properly safeguard their products, and a number of serious injuries still occur. Also, there are occasions where an employer will remove or disable a machine’s safety device, exposing a worker to a substantial risk of injury. In those instances, it may be possible to sue the employer under Ohio’s intentional tort statute.

Machinery and other equipment that is used outdoors are another common source of serious injuries. Tractors that are not equipped with a rollover protection system (ROPS) can cause serious injury or even death if the tractor rolls over while being operated on a hillside or other uneven surface. Death and serious injuries have also been reported by users of zero turning radius lawnmowers which have not been equipped with rollover protection systems. Although some zero turning radius lawnmowers do have rollover protection systems, many of the earlier models and even some of the newer, smaller zero turning radius mowers are not equipped with rollover protection systems.

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