Dangerous Consumer & Household Products

Hundreds of household products land on the shelves of stores each year. Occasionally, manufacturers make products that were poorly designed or improperly manufactured. These defective products can pose a serious risk of injury to both adults and young children.

Small toys or parts of toys can become choking hazards for young children. Drawstrings on clothing can pose a risk of strangulation if, for example, the drawstring becomes stuck in a bus door. Poorly designed cribs, strollers and playpens have been implicated in strangulation, laceration and fracture injuries.

Clothing, carpeting, mattresses and bedding products must meet the Federal Flammability Standard. When items which fail to meet this standard come in contact with an ignition source such as a flame or cigarette, serious burn injuries can occur.

Other common household products, when improperly designed or poorly labeled, can cause serious injury. Unstable ladders or foot stools can lead to increased risk of falls. A space heater which tips over should automatically shut off. But, if it is defectively manufactured or designed and the automatic shut off feature is not operating, the space heater can create a serious fire hazard.

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