Case Results

$170,000.00 settlement

Darlene S. v. MTF Delivery–Plaintiff received a settlement of $170,000.00.  Plaintiff is a wheelchair-bound individual who was riding a paratransit bus operated by a subcontractor hired by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.  The paratransit bus was equipped with tie-down straps.  When properly used, these straps firmly anchor a wheelchair to the floor of a paratransit bus.  The paratransit bus was also equipped with a seatbelt and shoulder harness to secure a passenger into his/her wheelchair.  The paratransit bus was broad-sided by a delivery truck, which failed to yield the right of way while it was pulling out of a driveway.  Although the impact to the paratransit bus was not substantial, plaintiff’s wheelchair tipped over because the driver of the bus did not not properly secure the plaintiff’s wheelchair to the floor of the paratransit bus.  The driver also failed to belt plaintiff into her wheelchair.  When the wheelchair tipped, plaintiff was thrown out of her wheelchair and onto the floor of the paratransit bus.  She suffered a fracture to her left humerus bone, just above the elbow.  The fracture left the plaintiff with restricted range of motion of her left elbow. If you have been injured in an accident, please contact our Cleveland accident attorneys today. In an Ohio accident or personal injury matter, our fee is contingent upon the settlement or verdict we obtain for you.

$125,000.00 Settlement

Kevin K. v. Ambrose–Plaintiff received a total settlement of $125,000.00 after developing post-traumatic headaches as the result of a rear-end collision.  Plaintiff also had symptoms of radiculopathy, affecting the small and ring fingers of his left hand.  Settlement was against the tortfeasor and the plaintiff’s UIM carrier.  (Post-traumatic headaches are more frequently being diagnosed in patients who were involved in rear-end collisions.  Post-traumatic headaches are sometimes referred to as cervicogenic headaches or occipital neuralgia.  They often mimic migraine headaches, but are different in that they are caused by trauma or whiplash suffered in an automobile accident.)  If you have been involved in an automobile accident, please contact our Cleveland personal injury attorneys today! We cannot take away the pain and suffering you may have endured as the result of an accident, but we can assist you in receiving fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries.

$185,000.00 settlement

John Doe v. ABC Tavern—Plaintiff received a settlement of $185,000.00 after suing a liquor permit holder and its employees, alleging that they served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated patron who, upon leaving the bar, struck plaintiff’s vehicle in a head-on collision. Plaintiff suffered fractured ribs, bruised lungs, and a cardiac contusion.  The $185,000.00 settlement was in addition to the policy limits of the drunk driver’s automobile insurance policy. 

$14 million settlement

$14 million settlement obtained on behalf of a class of homeowners who obtained mortgage loans from a Cleveland area bank. It was alleged that the bank was calculating interest in manner that covertly increased the interest rates stated in the borrowers’ loans.

Value of the settlement estimated to be between $3 million and $3.5 million

Settlement on behalf of 600 homeowners in a class action against TransOhio Savings Association after the interest rates on their loans were unlawfully raised. Value of the settlement estimated to be between $3 million and $3.5 million.

$1.5 million settlement

$1.5 million settlement obtained on behalf of a 21 year old agricultural worker who was killed when the tractor he was operating rolled over, pinning him underneath the tractor, leading to his death. Settlement was paid by the manufacturer of the tractor, who failed to equip the tractor with a rollover protection system (ROPS), which would have prevented the worker’s death.

$1.15 million settlement

$1.15 million settlement awarded to an auto worker who developed lung cancer which was caught in its very early stages and is still alive 16 years after his diagnosis and the removal of the tumor. This was an intentional tort case against his employer and a dangerous product or product liability case pursued against the manufacturers of coal tar pitch, which he applied to the wood floor at the assembly plant where he formerly worked.

$1,058,000.00 verdict

$1,058,000.00 verdict on behalf of a truck driver who was exposed to a styrene containing material that leaked from a drum in the back of his truck. In attempting to cleanup the material, the driver suffered short term memory loss, a known risk of styrene exposure which was not disclosed by the manufacturer on the label it placed on the leaking drum.

$1,050,000.00 settlement

$1,050,000.00 settlement on behalf of an automobile driver who was hit by oncoming traffic when she exited her vehicle after its engine shut-down unexpectedly due to a defect in the car’s wiring harness. Settlement was obtained against the manufacturer of the vehicle.

$950,000.00 settlement

$950,000.00 settlement on behalf of a mobile home owner who developed a chronic sinus infection after being exposed to excessive levels of formaldehyde that were emitted from the particleboard flooring and plywood paneling used in the construction of her mobile home.

$600,000.00 settlement

$600,000.00 settlement on behalf of a tree trimmer who suffered a partial amputation of his leg when his pants became caught in the rotating cutter of a stump-grinding machine. The defendant, the manufacturer of the stump-grinding machine, argued that the plaintiff should not have left the operator’s position without first turning the machine off, which, had he done so, would have entirely prevented the injury.

$500,000.00 settlement

$500,000.00 settlement obtained on behalf of a woman who developed bladder cancer after being exposed to aniline dyes. The lawsuit was pursued against the manufacturers of the aniline dyes, which she used at her workplace.

$495,000.00 settlement

$495,000.00 settlement obtained on behalf of a woman who was a rear passenger in a vehicle that was stopped on a freeway due to the sudden onset of thick, blinding fog. The passenger began to exit the vehicle when a tractor-trailer rear-ended the vehicle. The force of the impact threw the passenger to the ground causing severe “road rash” on her lower leg which required skin grafts. The passenger also suffered a fractured ankle.

$400,000.00 settlement

$400,000.00 settlement against the designer of a chemical manufacturing system that was not equipped with a check-valve to prevent noxious fumes from entering a tank that workers entered periodically to clean. The poorly engineered system allowed fumes to enter the tank and displace the oxygen, causing death. The designer that engineered the system claimed that the worker should not have entered the tank without a self-contained breathing apparatus since the worker had been trained by the employer not to enter the tank without a self-contained breathing apparatus due to the risk of oxygen displacement.

$375,000.00 settlement

$375,000.00 settlement obtained on behalf of a minor who suffered a fractured femur, and her father who suffered torn knee cartilage after being rear-ended on a highway by a tractor-trailer whose driver did not realize that traffic had substantially slowed due to road work.

$375,000.00 settlement

$375,000.00 settlement on behalf of an employee who severed three fingers which were fully reattached after they were cut in a machine that trimmed plastic parts made by her employer. This was an intentional tort case pursued against her employer who failed to properly equip the machine with safety guards to prevent her hand from entering the dangerous part of the machine.

$350,000.00 settlement

$350,000.00 settlement obtained on behalf of a child who developed a brachial plexus injury called Erb’s Palsy, during childbirth. It was alleged that the physician failed to perform a C-section when prenatal testing showed that the child was too large to successfully navigate her mother’s birth canal. During the delivery process, the child developed shoulder dystocia, a condition in which the child’s shoulder becomes stuck in the birth canal. In attempting to deliver the child, the physician severely stretched the nerves in her shoulder or brachial plexus area, leading to chronic weakness of the affected her arm. The settlement was limited due to the fact that the physician’s insurance company was in receivership, a form of bankruptcy for insurance companies.

$300,000.00 settlement

$300,000.00 settlement for a partial amputation on behalf of a 19 year old part-time worker whose hand became caught between two rollers of a machine that was used to make coffee filters. This was an intentional tort case pursued against his employer for failing to properly train him and for failing to properly guard the area of the machine where the rollers were located.

$250,000.00 settlement

$250,000.00 settlement on behalf of an agricultural worker who suffered asthma after being exposed to formaldehyde during a process that used formaldehyde to remove bacteria and other microorganisms from egg shells.

$250,000 settlement

$250,000 settlement obtained for an individual who suffered a severe cervical strain and lumbar strain in a high impact rear-end automobile collision

$225,000.00 settlement

$225,000.00 settlement on behalf of a minor who slipped on a privately owned pool deck on which a homeowner had a placed a glass aquarium tank. Upon slipping, the minor’s right foot crashed into and broke the aquarium, causing severe lacerations to the minor’s right foot.

$210,000.00 settlement

$210,000.00 settlement obtained on behalf of an employee of a machine refurbishing company who was burned while heating a blow-molding machine in order to remove residual plastic from the machine’s “barrel” so it could be refurbished. The machine suddenly exploded and spewed hot molten plastic on the plaintiff, causing burns to his arm and neck.

$185,000.00 settlement

$185,000.00 settlement on behalf of a nursing home patient who developed bed sores (decubitus ulcers) due to the nursing home’s failure to properly implement measures or procedures to prevent bed sores from developing.

$101,000.00 settlement

$101,000.00 settlement on behalf of an elderly woman who was ejected from the rear seat of a golf cart that was converted to a four-passenger vehicle and rented to tourists in a resort town. As a result of being ejected, the plaintiff suffered a fractured femur, requiring surgery.

$100,000.00 settlement

$100,000.00 settlement against a tire worker’s employer for exposing him to excessive levels of solvents, which resulted in peripheral neuropathy, a painful condition of the arms and legs.

$100,000.00 settlement

$100,000.00 settlement (insurance company’s limits) on behalf of an elderly woman who was thrown to the ground when the car she was exiting prematurely began to drive away. The plaintiff suffered a hip fracture as a result of the incident.

Confidential six-figure settlement

Confidential six-figure settlement obtained on behalf of an opera vocalist who developed severe asthma after being exposed to excessive levels of theatrical stage fog while performing for Opera Columbus in Columbus, Ohio.

Confidential settlement

Confidential settlement obtained on behalf of a woman who suffered an aortic dissection which was improperly diagnosed as musculoskeletal pain. A few days after being released from the hospital, her aorta completely ruptured, resulting in instantaneous death.

Substantial confidential settlement

Substantial confidential settlement on behalf of a couple whose baby was stillborn. The allegation against the physician was his failure to timely diagnose chorioamnionitis, an infection which the mother developed at or near the time she went into labor. It was alleged that had antibiotics been provided to the mother in a timely fashion, the antibiotics would have reached the baby and prevented the infection from causing the baby’s stillbirth.

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